Young Tenant: Housing advise to youths living with their parents

Youths are always on fire when growing up and due to their curious nature to explore things some good and other - well not so good, they always have some times that they cant see eye to eye with their parents or guardian and this sometimes is interpreted as rebellion or arrogance. Due to this, when push come to shove, the more often than not think of leaving home and moving out all in the name of freedom and self-rule.

Nonetheless, moving out is not the only solution but there is the option of them realizing that this is common and the best thing that can happen to them is self-realization where they learn to set their ground rules set up ground rules and obey them. This speaks more of their maturity and depicts values of respect, principled and a youth or integrity.

Unmasking self-potential through establishing ground rules

Its possible to have a feeling that your family including your parents make the rules and what is left for you is either to obey or break the rules. However, it doesn't have to be this way. As you mature up, you must overcome the negative thought and agree that together with your parent or guardian to set mutually practical and acceptable together. Central to this is you being able to make mature but respectful decisions about issues of privacy and personal space on when and how going out is acceptable.

Try to negotiate rather than argue, and be prepared to compromise for a win-win situation. when they seem to be too much as some point, be open to ask them why as opposed to being rebellious or argue about it and listen to their reasoning. More often than not we find that they are doing so because they care a lot about you.

The following top 5 tips might help

If you want to be treated like an adult, it's important to act like one. Here are some tips for gaining your parents' respect and trust.

1. Do your bit around the house: look after younger brothers or sisters, do the washing or cook the family a meal.

2. If you want your parents to stay out of your bedroom, keep it tidy. Don't give them an excuse to go in.

3. Don't exclude your parents from your life - try spending time with them every so often. If they realize you're not avoiding them, they're more likely to trust you and, in turn, give you some space.

4. Try not to lie - if you get caught, this will only make things worse and destroy your parents' trust in you.

5. Don't argue over every little thing you disagree with. That way, when it comes to the big stuff, you'll have more force.

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