What Kenyan tenants want In Response to Corona-virus

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Between Saturday 20th and Wednesday 25th March, i-tenant conducted a telephone survey of tenants within Nairobi about their what their issues and concerns were due to Covid-19 (Corona-virus) and what measures the tenants felt would be of help as a result.

In the first phase, 124 people responded to the survey, clearly setting out concerns about affordability, access to essential services, self-quarantine rules and eviction.

The tenants who responded were in favour of a range of financial or practical measures that might help, with the highest numbers saying that they could benefit from rent reduction - without any expectation of them paying the pardoned difference later and full access to essential utilities like power, water among other services regardless of any existing arrears.

Due to the massive layoffs and redundancy declarations by companies as well as reduced and restricted business hours for the self-employed tenants - Almost 75% were highly concerned about their ability to pay their rent due to the highlighted impact of Covid-19.

Tenants in Kenya have voiced concerns about affordability and eviction during coronavirus pandemic.

Over one third admitted having lost employment and over half of those who had lost work were self-employed, freelance or locum or casual workers.

Approximately 70% said that they could benefit from information and advice about rights as a private tenant during the Covid-19 crisis and that the government should make a declaration on the same to avoid illegal evictions and utility shutoffs.

The government of Kenya has not yet responded to these requests with the leading housing rights champions having written their grievance to the ministry for consideration. We hope much will be done to avoid a housing crisis and even homelessness.

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