How a tenant can search for a house to rent in Kenya

After setting your priorities, you can now use various means in searching the house such as asking friend and co-workers as well as contacting various real estate brokers, agencies and management firms. Many tenants tend to forget checking or inquiring from the agencies what their charges will be or the finder’s fees. In Kenya, agencies charge different fees but ranges from 30% of one month's rent and above depending on the type of the rental unit being sought for. It is critical to understand that the charges and fees charged by these agents are not fixed and it will zero down to the bargaining power of both parties.

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With the advancement of technology in the world, it is easier for a tenant to consider checking for houses for rent on various nationwide publications such as at the classified segments of daily newspapers and websites among others. For those with enough time to do the search themselves, you can walk or drive through the neighborhood you want to live in and simply look for “vacant” signs on walls or gates. It is also advisable to talk to the caretakers and gate-keepers (Watchmen) and take contacts of the right person to ask for a vacant house where there are no signs posted. This exercise can be tiresome considering the fact that it involves walking or driving around the desired estate and making uncountable stops and sometimes can be met with hostilities in some protected estates.

All the same never give up on a search simply because one or two people have answered rudely or ignored you. On the contrary, houses found through personal search are a great deal facing little competition. Many tenants tend to search for a house or apartment when it’s already too late. For example, majority will realize they need to search for a house the last three days or even the last day. It is worthwhile to search for a house early enough to give you time to sample various options and make a very informed decision. You should search for a house or an apartment as early as from the day you issue your landlord with a notice to vacate or when the landlord issues you with a notice to terminate lease or rental agreement on specified legal grounds.

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