The Tenant’s Nightmare: 5 problems that every tenant wishes away in Kenya.

Renting a house from a landlord or through the appointed letting agent in any of the estates and neighborhood of your choosing could be a good option if you don't own a home yet. However without any alert, problems can crop up from nowhere when you're renting from a landlord. Regardless of the situation, try and always remember to be a responsible tenant.

It’s essential that you know your rights as a tenant in Kenya. You can only legally be regarded as a tenant if you’re over 18. If you’re younger than that you might find it difficult getting a landlord to agree to rent a property to you because you will be regarded as a minor and since rental agreement are based on contract, the Law of Contract regards you as a minor without capacity to consent.

In some cases, the landlord might accept a younger tenant if you provide a guarantor who can sign the agreement for you. The landlord is not able to make a valid tenancy agreement with someone under 18 but he or she may allow you to stay in the property if you can provide a guarantor.

Regardless of your age, if you are a legal tenant of a property the landlord has certain responsibilities to you and you have responsibilities to your landlord. There are times when you just bump into a stubborn landlord whose happiness is to become a thorn in your fresh. The ares that can keep tenants awake at night if not addressed include:

a) Repairs: If a landlord refuses to repair some significant which according to the law fall under his responsibility, the tenant is always left stranded. Some landlord will go to an extent of refusing to pick the calls form a tenant.

b) Utilities: Another nightmare is when the landlord doesn't do anything even after numerous call. Some tenants are so much inconvenienced by the landlords to a level that they choose to move out of the house. These challenges arise from utilities like electricity bill that is overdue hence causing domestication

c) Security deposit: when it comes to refunding security, the landlords become more busy and unavailable alleging inapplicable repair cost and deductions. chasing the refund of the deposit is always an impossible fete for other.

d) Right to entry: In most cased the landlord is not supposed to come in to the house unless authorized by a tenant. However , there are a section landlords who bulldoze even without seeking permission and they keep doing this becoming a nuisance to the tenant.

e) Eviction: Eviction joins the list of the fifth category of nightmares that tenants always wish away: Since landlords are known for flaunting the law and evicting tenants without court orders, when a tenant is late in paying rent, or rubs the landlord the wrong way, some landlords unleash horror to them.

Despite all of the above, the tenant has unalienable rights that no one can take them away. In your tenancy you are protect against the refusal to return security and even against eviction.

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