Is it possible for a landlord to stay calm when a tenant is late in paying rent?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Some might pass this as an automatic No and its agreeable that there are those moments that each landlord asks themselves what they can do when their tenants are late in paying rent. When its a landlord or an agent dealing with the tenant, high chances are that at that particular moment no one tenant or landlord is in their right mind and emotions fly high during the crucial but necessary conversation.

It is possible that during such a heated debate between a tenant and the landlord or their agent that the matter ceases to be one of rent but becomes a balance of power and the temptation of making an example out of one tenant to teach the rest what happens when they fail to pay rent on time.

Well sad to say that those days are long gone and every landlord must embrace the new normal of following procedures and documenting conversations between you the landlord and the tenant.

As they say somewhere that courts are bound by their pleadings, landlord and tenant relationship is similarly bound by their communication and the rental agreement between them.

All that a landlord must know is that is key to remain calm during such a time disregarding all the inner temptations of waking up all the debt collectors and "boyz wa mtaa" (meaning estate goons) at 3am at night to make a point of who is in-charge. More often than not, such reactions leads the landlord to more trouble than they could imagine.

For example, if such happens, a tenant can file a criminal assault case against the landlord, claim the landlord infringed his or her right to quiet enjoyment, denial of right to entry by the tenant and willful destruction of property just to mention a few. The solution: is to follow the laid down procedures and the checklist to avoid doing things that will do you harm than good.

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