Finding a House to Rent in Kenya: Part 1

It is always exigent and a daunting task for every tenant in finding a house, office or apartment of his or her choice most specifically in major town and cities around the country. This is ascribed to factors such as high demand for the rental units and houses, monthly rent amount, neighborhood, accessibility, security, size and space, terms and conditions as well as management and repairs for the serviced apartments. It is important for the tenant to be aware of various ways and strategies that will make their efforts successful.

Set your priorities right

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster-Stephen Covey.

Priorities are most important things that are of main concern. Wise tenants identify their priorities very well and stick to them, doing those things first giving priorities to the important actions. It is important to set priorities as a tenant before you start searching for any rental unit. This entails being specific on the amount of rent you want to pay and can afford without struggles and your desired location or area where you would wish to stay.

It is also important to consider where you work, how many minutes drive from your house to work, size or type of the house, whether single, bedsitter, or the number of bedrooms and whether the landlord allows pets. This will help you save time and narrow down the search hence reducing cost of checking into inappropriate houses or apartments.

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