12 Ways of how a tenant can prevent problems with pests?

Pests are reduced when the home or building is clean and dry. Even withing the multi-dwelling units, try as much as possible to keep corridors and balconies clean or better still become health champions and as tenants, engage the landlord, letting agent or the building caretaker and demand for clean environment.

  1. Do not leave food containers open. Put food in sealed plastic or lidded containers.

  2. Do not leave dirty dishes in any sink or room.

  3. Do not leave pet food and water dishes out overnight.

  4. Pick-up garbage, food crumbs and clean liquid spills around the trash can and kitchen floor daily. Sweep and mop often.

  5. Take out the trash daily – mostly to a designated area for tenants within a residential building. Do not allow trash to overflow or at least have a lidded trash container. Ensure that the garbage is collected frequently (for those tenants where trash is picked once a week).

  6. Use trash bags mostly provided for by garbage collection companies or youth groups (as they are commonly known in Nairobi) that resist breaking and a trash can with a lid to seal out pests.

  7. Check for plumbing leaks and moisture problems. Consult with your landlord or letting agent in order to fix any repairs and maintenance problems right away. It is a both tenant’s right and landlord’s responsibility

  8. Use plastic tubs for storage instead of cardboard boxes.

  9. Seal cracks and openings around doors, windows and foundation.

  10. Use monitor (sticky) traps or baits. Pellet or granular baits are not recommended.

  11. Do not use pesticides to prevent pests.

  12. If the above measures are not working to prevent pests, use low-impact pesticides.

In conclusion, we have seen sale of unauthorized pest control chemicals within the residential estates in Nairobi which might pause a higher risk of chemical exposure to tenants. We advise that tenants procure such from verified distributors making sure such chemicals if used – are kept out or reach of children.

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