Campaigning locally & Nationally

You can become a campaigner and support our national campaigns below. You can also get involved in bringing about change in your local community on the housing issues which affect you. Contact to find out more about becoming a local community housing activist!

Are you with us?


We’re fighting for a Kenya where everyone has a place to feel safe. Where no one chooses between food and rent, and no one sleeps on the streets. We all have the right to a good home and we want to make it the law. Are you with us?

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Why campaign with us?

It is our job to find out where there are housing and homelessness issues across Kenya and to identify solutions. We campaign for change across the whole of Scotland – ultimately our goal is that everyone in Kenya has a safe, secure and affordable home.

What We Do in Our Campaigns 

Five Reasons to be a Campaigner

We are in a housing Crisis

Every 20 minutes a household in Kenya is in a tenancy crisis

The average house price in Kenya rose by 75% since 2010

The private rented sector has doubled in size in the past 10 years

We believe the housing safety net in the Kenya is vital


We are here for everyone, but only with your help.


- Court Representation

- Tenancy Advice

- Pet Licenses in Kenya

- Estate management

- Tenant Referencing

- Construction Permits

- Lease and rental agreement

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